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Irrway, a product of Greendzine Technologies is a pioneer of Personal Green Mobility Vehicles in India. Irrway is a revolutionary outcome of GDT, chiefly designed for the Indian market. This simple, stylish, ergonomic, user friendly and eco-friendly has set the milestone in the evolution of Green Transportation in India. Greendzine’s expedition in creating Irrway, a dynamic model, which is a perfect blend of technology and eco-conscious innovation, has paved the way for the Smart exploration of Green Mobility. The Intriguing features of Irrway ranges from the aesthetic tripod design to the State-of-the-art technology that goes into the making of Irrway. Versatile, Unique, Trendy, Fun-filled, Compact is what Irrway is. Irrway promises you a Zestful ride.

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With huge townships, Smart-cities, University campuses and Mega Industrial complexes/IT Parks mushrooming from time to time, short distance personal mobility has taken a new dimension in Urban India. The need for a unique personalized green mobility solution for short distance mobility (for necessity and leisure) has become an inevitable entity in our existence. With environmental consumerism gaining momentum in different market segments, the order of the day is "Go Green". Irrway, a Green from Art-to-part solution, aims for a perfect harmony between nature and future.

IT Parks

IT Professionals with their hectic schedules and the need to navigate within their campus for various activities will experience a welcoming change in Irrway. With increasing awareness programs and growing emphasis on Corporate Social Responsibility, Irrway is the futuristic approach to add an extra edge to the Social Outreach.


People are moving towards established townships and gated communities forming a safe and self sustained environment. Irrway positioned in these townships provides a safe and clean mode of transportation for different age groups:

  1. For the Young it is fun combined with a cool factor
  2. Elderly enjoy the ride as it is safe and makes them more independent to go around
  3. Womenfolk use Irrway to run errands within these communities




The trend is heading towards a quick weekend outing to a Hotel/Resort to get away from this stressful life. Irrway’s presence in these areas will definitely be a entertaining segment filled with fun for the guests thereby giving an extra edge to the host.


Large industries are very Carbon conscious and are heading towards being Carbon neutral. Commuting within large industries is a critical factor thereby leading to multiple modes of transportation. Irrway’s presence can make a big difference as the industry can offset its Carbon footprint. Irrway is a compact EV and can also be driven outdoors or indoors thereby providing an extra edge over other vehicles.



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